When we first look at glass, we see a solid; static, with no movement. My work strives to show the true liquid nature of glass for it is truly a liquid at higher temperatures. I look to achieve the same depth and movement in my work that I feel in nature and in the underwater world. The colors you see are pure gold and silver fumed onto the glass. It is the combination of the pure metals behind cobalt and metal oxides that produce the vivid reflective hues. Some of my pieces feature flowers, coral and sea-anemone like components that are actually miniature pictures in glass, called murrine, all of which I make in the ancient Italian tradition. I then hand cut, polish, and inlay the glass into sterling silver to create unique, one of a kind earrings, rings, and bracelets.

In 1987 I apprenticed with a master jeweler in New Mexico. I learned to inlay semi precious gem stones into jewelry. My new work features the same inlay technique but using a new and exciting contemporary material, borosilicate glass!